Sunday, 15 November 2015

back to basics

WOWZA! Long time no blog! Like really long time.. As you may or may not have noticed, JustJaz has had quite a bit of a revamp! I now have an about page, a home page AND a contact page (not that there is a lot happening there at the moment!) I have also changed up a few things on the sidebar and added new gadgets like a search bar, social media links and an instagram slideshow! I will be posting as often as possible and hope to improve my content every time I do so. 

So if your new here, welcome to JustJaz! I hope you enjoy viewing and reading about things that make me happy. But if your a reader from a while ago - welcome back, I greatly appreciate you sticking by this blog. I must say, it does feel great to be blogging again after a very long break!

Thank you so so much for reading this far, I hope your weekend was fabulous! 

- JustJaz 2015

PS. I had a magnificent day with Mum, that is where the above photo is from - if you were wondering! The water was so prettyyy! Anyway.... bye!

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