Sunday, 31 January 2016

Q + A collab w/ vibes like vogue

Today I bring to JustJaz, a very fun Q + A collab between myself and Chloe from the lovely blog - vibeslikevogue ! We both asked each other 5 questions based around blogging and are posting each others answers on our blogs. Make sure to check out my answers on her blog by clicking here - 

Here is  'a Q + A with vibeslikevogue' enjoy. 

Did anyone inspire you to start blogging? 

I started my blog way back in January 2015. It was mainly boredom that made me actually start my blog but the original inspiration came from my great friend Claire from She talked so highly of her blog and I could see she loved it so much, so I thought that it was worth trying to see if it too, brought me as much joy as it brought her - and it did!

2. What are your favourite things to blog about? 
My favourite things to blog about are fashion posts - like look books. I love photography and these posts are all about photography which is great! I also love travel posts were I get to recommend my favourite places. These posts are such a great way for me to personally look back on previous trips and remember all of the wonderful things I enjoyed!

How would you describe your fashion style?

I would probably describe my fashion style as a bit minimalist - but not too extreme! I love black and white with a nice pattern that draws the eye. Also, I'll often then add a pop of colour through my shoes or accessories!

When did you start blogging? 

Well I kinda answered this in number one oops! But I started my first draft of my blog in January 2015. Then launched it late January 2015. But since then, I have had 3 URLs and countless looks! I launched my current URL (and hopefully the one that I stick with haha) around July 2015. So I guess the official launch time for vibeslikevogue would be July 2015!

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy blogging?

I enjoy blogging at a 10. Honestly I love it so much! I am forever grateful for everyone who convinced me and helped me towards my decision to start my blog. I don't know where I would be without it! It's one of those things that if I'm bored or if I have spare time, you'll find me on my computer writing a new post or taking some shots for a new post! It's just so fun! It's also quite challenging - which I love!It challenges me to get my things in order and be a bit more organised than I would usually have to be! It's a great way to express who you are and share that with the world!
 I would definitely recommend starting a blog to anyone who has a passion for anything. That's the great thing about blogs - they're all about you and what you love! And you get to share that with everyone!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

a day in the sun / vlog

Oooh! How exciting! My second youtube video (in vlog style, minus the talking) just went live on my youtube channel which you can access by clicking HERE. This video is super summery and has a cool song to go with it, but you'll have to click on the video to find out what it is!  Also, I used my sisters underwater camera for the footage so that's why it has that grainy kinda look to it, which I actually like! Although, please make sure to put it on the highest quality setting to be able to see it as clear as possible as youtube kind of killed the quality! 

Heres the video -

I really hope you enjoyed, see you next year!

- JustJaz 2015 

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

it feels like summer

Wooh! Finally another blogpost is up and I am actually really pleased with how it turned out. 
This one is a bit more minimalistic than my last post and I have to say, I'm much prouder of it. I love the way that the wall is plain enough to make my sister and I really stand out. Wearing my new STUSSY top, a gorgeous new felt hat and my sisters high waisted shorts, it really did feel like summer!

Anyway, how was your Christmas? Mine was absolutely fabulous! Also, how crazy 
is it that in only a few days time 2015 will be over?! I honestly can't believe how quick this year has gone and looking back on it, it has been pretty spectacular! One of my achievements this year has been starting this blog. At first, I only wished that I could have content as beautiful as simplyme.yah, freshlypickked + basicallydominique (and many more of course)  but I soon realised that I had only just started out and these mentioned bloggers had most likely worked there way up. Of course there are many bloggers that I still aspire to be like, but I'm just very much aware how hard they must of worked to get where they are. But right now, at this very point in time, I am extremely happy with the way my blog is going and I look forward to hopefully only seeing it improve. 
So that's just a very small snippet of my blogging experiences. I hope that your 2015 has been the best year yet. 

Thankyou so much for reading, see you soon!

- JustJaz 2015

Sunday, 15 November 2015

back to basics

WOWZA! Long time no blog! Like really long time.. As you may or may not have noticed, JustJaz has had quite a bit of a revamp! I now have an about page, a home page AND a contact page (not that there is a lot happening there at the moment!) I have also changed up a few things on the sidebar and added new gadgets like a search bar, social media links and an instagram slideshow! I will be posting as often as possible and hope to improve my content every time I do so. 

So if your new here, welcome to JustJaz! I hope you enjoy viewing and reading about things that make me happy. But if your a reader from a while ago - welcome back, I greatly appreciate you sticking by this blog. I must say, it does feel great to be blogging again after a very long break!

Thank you so so much for reading this far, I hope your weekend was fabulous! 

- JustJaz 2015

PS. I had a magnificent day with Mum, that is where the above photo is from - if you were wondering! The water was so prettyyy! Anyway.... bye!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

mums birthday / vlog

Today was my mums birthday! I hope you like my short vlog of this day filled with warm weather and late lunch spent with my lovely family. This is my first ever video, enjoy x

(Audio credit to one of FreshlyPickked's gorgeous videos!) 

View my channel here

- JustJaz 2015

Ps. I now realise that I put the wrong address for my blog in the video! Damn.... Anyway bye!